Keeping Your Body on Par for the Course

Visit us for sports injury therapy in Naples, Florida

Did your last golf swing leave you with shoulder pain? Are your knees acting up after a basketball game? Sports injuries happen, but many athletes don’t seek care to hasten their recovery. Don’t ignore your pain – get proper care for your sports injury at Collins Physical Therapy Institute in Naples, Florida. We offer treatment and physical rehab for all sports-related injuries.

Get back out on the green with your next swing

Get back out on the green with your next swing

Collins Physical Therapy Institute has been open since 1980. Over the past 35+ years in Naples, FL, our physical therapist has treated a variety of different sports injuries, aches and pains. We’ve treated athletes of all ages at our facility – from youth soccer players to seasoned golfers. Count on us to help you:

  • Improve your overall mobility and performance
  • Recover from a recent injury
  • Find treatment for recurring pain

You demand a lot from your body every time you take the field. Make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your body in optimum shape. Visit Collins Physical Therapy Institute of Naples, Florida today for effective sports rehabilitation.