How Can You Treat Your Back Pain Effectively?

By visiting our spine injury therapist in Naples, Florida

Spine issues can cause debilitating pain. People with spine issues have issues all over, because the spine has a significant influence on the body. If you’re having spine problems, visit Collins Physical Therapy Institute. For many years, our physical therapist has been the go-to for those experiencing back pain. Schedule an appointment today to start your recovery.

Put an end to your pain and suffering

Put an end to your pain and suffering

Collins Physical Therapy Institute offers hands-on therapy to rehabilitate your spine. Through spine manipulation and muscle stretching, you will regain strength and mobility. Our physical therapist will:

  • Create a treatment plan that addresses your specific injury
  • Teach you motion strengthening exercises to get your spine in shape
  • Educate you on how to lift objects properly to prevent injuries down the road

Our spine rehab and care techniques will put an end to the “ows” in your life. Visit a trained physical therapist in Naples, Florida for spine injury rehab today.