Are You Dealing With Shoulder Pain or Decreased Mobility?

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Your shoulder is a complex system of joints, tendons and muscles. Your shoulder allows you to experience a full range of arm motion, so you can do everything: throw a baseball, lift a box and whatever else you need or want to do over the course of the day.

Shoulder pain and stress can result from injury, age or disease. If you're starting to have shoulder problems, don't sit back and live with the pain. Schedule an appointment at Collins Physical Therapy Institute in Naples, Florida for shoulder injury therapy.

Don't carry all that hurt on your shoulders

Don't carry all that hurt on your shoulders

Collins Physical Therapy Institute offers rehab and physical therapy for your shoulders. We can help you if you have shoulder pain due to:

  • Inflammation of the tendon
  • Inflammation of the bursae
  • A bone break or fracture
  • Arthritis
  • A tendon tear
  • Recent surgery

Our physical therapist can treat pain associated with post-rotator cuff repair, total shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement. We can also treat shoulder impingement issues. Call our physical therapist in Naples, Florida today at 239-384-5952 to schedule an appointment.