I am an active 64 year old who suffered a season ending quadriceptic tendon tear while playing senior softball in Naples. Michael White, is a knowledgeable, caring physical therapist with a great sense of humor. From the very first appointment, Michael has always devoted each session entirely to me. He has an extensive repertoire of exercises and activities that increased incrementally the range of motion for my knee. Michael follows protocol and contacted my surgeon for collaboration. He knows intuitively how far to push me at each appointment. My progress within the past 6 weeks has been phenomenal. Attending twice a week, I can honestly say that every single session I have improved. My wife and I think so much of this young professional that we would like to take him back to Canada with us. We highly recommend Michael to anyone needing physical therapy. You’re the best, Michael!

Laurie W.

I’m 31 years old and was diagnosed with a complete ACL tear after falling on a ski trip at the end of February. After an MRI, X-rays, and visiting two doctors that insisted I would need surgery to get back to a normal level of activity I decided to try physical therapy. My hope was to be able to walk and run unassisted and from all the articles I read online some people had success without reconstruction. I figured it was worth a shot. I have been through physical therapy before but never to this level of care. Michael White and his staff treated me like family. At every phase of recovery he walked me through the mechanics of my body and the cause and effect of different methods. This helped me to understand how to help myself at home and ultimately how continue my own care should certain issues arise in the future. Michael was able to determine that my back was actually the root cause of a lot of my gate and balance issues and this helped accelerate my progress faster than I ever imagined possible. The first doctor I saw told me if I declined surgery it would be at least 6 to 9 months of therapy and that my knee would likely buckle for the rest of my life. Under Michael's care and advice I have been able to return to a normal range of motion and activity level in less than a month! Though he humbly declines to accept the, title I believe he may be a wizard. I would recommend Collins physical therapy to anyone who is experiencing physical limitations or pain regardless of diagnosis.

Stephanie Y.

I came to Naples from my home in Lexington, Kentucky, to rehab after my recent knee replacement. Choosing Collins PT was easy due to its excellent reputation. Susan Hosmer was my therapist and did an outstanding job. She was very sensitive about pain issues but achieved excellent range of motion and pain reduction in the several weeks she worked with me. My orthopedic surgeon was very pleased to see the progress we had made. The staff and facilities were efficient and professional.

Philip T.

I hobbled into Collins Physical Therapy and walked out pain free 3 weeks later. My profound gratitude to Michael White for the wonderful care and treatment he provided during my therapy sessions. From his initial evaluation to my last session David provided excellent treatment, encouragement, and a battery of exercises I must continue to perform in order to manage my back issues. A wonderful team of highly qualified professionals I would recommend to anyone needing physical therapy.

Frann G.

PAY ATTENTION: CHRONIC PAIN? If you live with it daily, you must go and see the team at Collins Physical Therapy Institute! They have a mission that is simple: to show those of us living with pain, to realize it is not what we CAN'T DO, but what we CAN DO! Michael's greatest gift to me was restoring my CONFIDENCE! He showed and taught me that even following eight spine surgeries (5 lumbar & 3 cervical), with a total of 26 screws; four rods and cross clips; two plates; and a huge amount of scarring, that slowly, I could retrain my brain and my body to perform things I hadn't done in years. He taught me that I was still CAPABLE of cardio and strengthening exercises which got me off the couch, out of the chair, and back with my grandchildren doing some of the things they love me to do. They truly WANT US TO SUCCEED in our recovery.

Mark D.

After a car accident I needed Physical therapy to help deal with my whiplash. Susan was my therapist. She was wonderful in resolving all of my issues. When I visited Collins Physical Therapy Clinic I was always greeted by the smiling and friendly receptionist Jackie. She would put me at ease right away until it was my turn for therapy. All of the therapists were friendly and know their jobs. Thank you for getting rid of my pain and helping me strengthen my muscles.

Jo R.

I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your therapy office. Moreover, I appreciate your efficient, gracious patient service, and the level of technical detail you provided on my injury; always ensuring that I was progressing at each scheduled visit.

Clearly, you and your entire staff project a very friendly and professional attitude. Again, a special thank you to Michael and Yanette for their continued diagnosis of my Achilles tendon injury and ensuring that I was receiving the correct exercises for the therapy session provided.

Richard P.