Find Your Balance With Collins Physical Therapy Institute

Balance and vertigo therapy in Naples, Florida

Does your head spin every time you stand up? Having problems keeping your balance doing normal tasks? You don’t have to live with such issues for the rest of your life. Collins Physical Therapy Institute offers vertigo and balance therapy in Naples, Florida. Our physical therapist has worked with those who have been diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and other balance and vertigo issues.

Improve your balance and your quality of life

Improve your balance and your quality of life

BPPV can be dangerous – which will come as no surprise if you’re falling, tripping or getting dizzy all the time. If you can’t tilt your head without experiencing dizziness, it’s time to call a physical therapist for help.

At Collins Physical Therapy Institute, we will create a specific treatment plan to help alleviate your balance and vertigo issues. Through vestibular rehabilitation and stimulation, we can improve your symptoms and help you start living a normal life again. Find your footing and call Collins Physical Therapy Institute today for the assistance you need.